#askdrcherry on Aggressiveness vs. Assertiveness

Happy day #SoCalledAggressive-Knowing the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness can often save you from a lot of conflict, can improve your personal and professional relationships and can increase your performance and productivity. Here are some major difference between the two:
Aggressive people violate the rights of others while assertive people advocates their rights without stepping on the rights of others
Aggressive people use humiliation while assertive people respect others
Aggressive people interrupt, while assertive people are good listeners
Aggressive people believe they are superior and always right while assertive people consider options, fair and are objective.
If you make a conscious effort to lean towards assertiveness, it will help you stay on the other side of the line.
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Dr. Cherry

Dr. Cherry Collier Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from UGA. Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the ICF and a Master Certified Coach and Trainer of NLP (MCNLP), Certified Mediator and Denison Culture Certified Consultant. Author of Move Out of Your Own Way and a 100+ book series The Science and Art, a collection of best selling books on the science of human behavior and success being used as reference for leaders, executives, managers and coaches from a variety of industries and professions. Professor of Coaching for the last 6 years at a University. Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Business School of a University. Over 5,000 hours helping with clients and coaches get massive results. Over 15 years serving as a mentor coach. Published scholar and has mentored Ph.D. and MBA learners. Founding Member of Coachville. Certified in various assessments Disc, MBTI and more