Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Dec 02

Effectiveness of Spin Selling in Business Coaching

SPIN Selling is structured and moves the sales process along smoothly from fact finding through to motivating the prospect to act, and if you do it right, to acting right now rather than having to "think it over". The SPIN... Read More

Dec 02

Build Network with Coaching

Do you wish to build long-term honest connections in business? Do you want to enhance your network of business acquaintances? Do you aim to reach a bigger audience of commerce people? Building networks can be defined as exchanging favors with... Read More

Nov 28

The Most Important Person in Your Life Is You

Every day, you are bombarded with various events, people, and lengthy to-do lists, and you don’t take time for self. You are too busy to pause and look back at your life. While doing so, you forget to take care... Read More

Nov 23

Live Positive and Stay Positive

Live Positive and Stay Positive Are we born with attitudes, or do we develop them as we grow? A negative outlook tends to make a person’s attitude negative, and this negative attitude, my friends, adversely affects your life.Let’s examine people... Read More

Nov 23

It’s All About Rapport

WHAT IS RAPPORT? Rapport, n. a harmonious or sympathetic relationship. Harmonious, adj. 1. Agreeing in feeling or action. 2. Blending well. Sympathetic, adj. 1. Feeling or showing sympathy. 2. Sharing one’s ideas, feelings, etc. Relationship, n. 1. The state or... Read More

Nov 23

How to Be Thankful for What You Have

A very popular saying goes, “To succeed in life and to be happy, we should always let attitude be our gratitude.” Be the change you want to see in the world. Start by noticing all the great things you have... Read More

Nov 23

How to Build Your Confidence While Facing an Interview

Confidence is a good thing, and it is necessary during an interview, but always  remember, don’t come off as a know-it-all kind of person.The basic idea is to appear humble yet confident. Body language tells a skilled interviewer everything about... Read More

Nov 23

Ideas to Make Your Life Successful

I cannot really give a specific meaning of success, but I would say success is simply reaching where your dreams point to, getting what you really want, and triumphing over the obstacles and barriers of life. In one word, it... Read More

Nov 23

Self-motivation and Power of Commitment

Are you truly committed to a task? Let’s find out... Have you started precisely what you would like to do? Have you created a detailed plan to achieve the goal? Have you designated a timetable for executing the plan? Are... Read More

Nov 23

Your Ego Will Only Pull You Down

You should always remember “to respect people’s differences is to know and promote true peace.” Each person is unique, and people don’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care about them. Keep in mind that... Read More