Coaching Mistakes That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

First of all we must admit that everyone makes mistakes. We must not feel bad that we make these mistakes because it is a part of human nature. We can never program ourselves to never make mistakes because it is impossible.

There are too many factors that affect human lives which can be the reason for committing a mistake. However, what we can do is to learn from it and know how to make it right again and it starts from knowing these mistakes and how can we avoid it.

Being a business coach is a fun job but burdened with great responsibility. It is through your coaching skills that a person will improve in life and dictate the success or failure of his or her business. That is why it is very important for a coach to avoid committing coaching mistakes as it will not only affect you but also your customers and their businesses. We must now learn these grave mistakes a business coach can commit which should be avoided at all costs and learn from it so that we can avoid doing it.

Coaching mistakes that should be avoided at all costs

Unhealthy Tolerance for Mistakes

In business, mistakes should not be tolerated but corrected. It is important that every mistake made be assessed and corrected immediately. This is because tolerating small mistakes will open the door for larger ones to occur. As a business coach, you should be able to do correct assessments on the performance of your trainee. You must be able to give advice on mistakes he or she has made, provide encouragement to overcome such setbacks and find ways to prevent it from happening again. Remember that improper toleration of disorientation and mistakes is a sure road towards failure.

Giving false promises to trainees

One of the biggest mistakes a business coach can do is to give false hope to their trainees. This is especially applicable to managers who often promise promotions to employees who work harder, but cannot provide it when one does a good job. Always be open with your trainees and tell them honestly what they will expect from having you as a coach. If you want to make promises to your trainees then do so, but make sure that you can deliver it to them, because broken promises are very hard to mend.

Wrong choices of words

Sometimes the use of words can also be the source of mistake for coaches. There are times when coaching meetings become scolding sessions because of failure to use diplomatic words and maintain a constructive approach to resolving mistakes. Remember that being a coach is not becoming an autocratic leader bent on global domination but a friendly help to those who are in need of success.

Failure to do regular assessments

Last of these coaching mistakes which should be avoided is failing to do regular assessment on the development of your trainees or employees. It is important to have regular assessments on the growth of your trainees, how they have improved in the last month or so and see what needs to be further enhanced. If tolerating mistakes is a big mistake, failing to appreciate improvement is far worse. So always set regular assessment with your trainees, show them what they have done and what needs to be developed and remember to always appreciate every improvement they make.

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