Core Principles

Dr. Cherry’s simple yet profound lessons featured in her powerful books, life lessons and career experiences are guided by her principles:

Scientific and fun

Dr. Cherry makes full use of instruments and methods that are well-founded on established schools of thought and knowledge. At the same time, this approach is translated into activities that use magic, humor, perceptual illusions, and stories to motivate and empower her audiences and clients. Her methods foster collaborations and increases understanding in both entertaining and effective approaches.

Personality at its core

Almost all other diversity programs make use of gender and race as the basis for their approach. With Dr. Cherry’s approach, it elevates the understanding of diversity in an entirely new terrain, one that is rarely measured accurately or addressed at all. Gender-based and racial differences are only two of the many dimensions of diversity, ignoring all others, such as personality, is a risk that no organization can afford.

Cognitive biases

The methodology is about understanding the human element. Partnering with organization to help them appreciate differences by understanding cognitive biases that unintentionally make good people make bad choices as it relates to people.

Dr. Cherry helps clients understand how cognitive biases can become blindspots that limit communication and cause conflict. To move beyond blindspots, she uses the cognitive approach in understanding the human element. It is non-intrusive and a celebration of people’s strength. In this way, the culture is built not torn down and at the same time, the behavior is changed with the culture.

The MOVE Personal Empowerment Formula

Motivate Yourself

Open Your Mind to What You Want

Visualize Infinite Possibilities (VIPs)

Expect Success!


Fully customizable and tailor fit

Dr Cherry celebrates the uniqueness of every individual person, group dynamic and organizational situation. Her programs, services and speaking engagements are fully customizable the match the profile and meet the present and future needs of her clients. She can work with you to collect the best and most appropriate solutions from her portfolio, create a program just for you and package it for your exclusive use.

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