Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Dr. Kimberly Hart

Diversity Consultant and Executive Coach

Dr. Kimberly Hart is a true strategic business adviser with over 16 years of experience in assisting organizations transforms their work environment and employee and leadership behavior through leadership development, talent management, including competency development, change management, training and communications.

Prior to joining Personality Matters, Dr. Hart worked for Deloitte Consulting for 13 years. Working in a senior capacity in Deloitte afforded her the opportunity to serve as an adviser and provide consulting services to over 200 clients across Fortune 500 and global companies. While at Deloitte, Dr. Hart also led the national diversity and inclusion efforts for her business group.

Dr. Hart has a passion for people and helping them to excel at their best self. She has a proven track record of exceeding client expectations, developing and sustaining strong client relationships and leading others.