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Dr. Nicole Collier Harp

A trained researcher, learning designer, and journalist, Dr. Nicole Harp is the Chief Learning Officer for Personality Matters. She partners with clients to create strategic research and learning solutions that help organizations thrive.

Dr. Harp earned the doctor of philosophy in Learning, Design and Technology with graduate certification in interdisciplinary qualitative research from the University of Georgia (UGA). For over two decades, she has employed iterative, systematic approachestoherresearchandwriting,tacklinglargeandsmallprojectswithflexibility and expertise.

Her scholarly work, largely inspired by Paulo Frere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, focused on the ways young people make meaning through dialogue. She found that adults sometimes unwittingly silenced and excluded voices when they failed to listen actively, welcome diverse perspectives, or ask authentic questions. She now helps leaders examine their narrative habits so they can create more space for genuine dialogue, and more inclusive and productive conversations.

As a practitioner, Dr. Harp’s current work is grounded in curiosity, creativity and collaboration. This mindset frames all her engagements including coaching conversations, research and learning initiatives. She scales this approach for organizational assessments, including diversity, equity and inclusion focused climate and culture studies. Dr. Harp embraces human-centered design which encourages collaborative, transparent and iterative partnerships. She strives to develop experiences that challenge old thinking and inspire lasting change.

Prior to partnering with Personality Matters, Dr. Harp spent several years as a teacher, adjunctprofessorandtraininganddevelopmentconsultant,workingwithlearnersofall ages throughout the state of Georgia. In addition, Dr. Harp is also a professional writer with over 25 years of experience. She encourages leaders to use writing as a tool for reflection. Doing so allows you to “see” your words and thoughts, in order to examine and change them.

As a consultant and certified coach, Dr. Harp aims to help busy professionals lead happier,moreauthenticlives.Inparticular,shepartnerswithexecutives,highpotential leaders, academics and creative to explore and master issues of Work/Life Balance, Mindset and Mind Habits, Productivity/Performance, Goal Setting and Visioning, Creativity/Creative Problem Solving, Authentic Dialogue, and Inquiry-based Leadership.

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