From #PerformanceAssessor – Help! I need to refine our mid-year PE, how can I cover all bases to maximize the activity?

Happy day #PerformanceAssessor– I think Ziglar said it best, “People don’t care how much you know until they #know how much you #care.”

What if you placed your focus on being fully present and connecting with the employee? See the activity as an opportunity to build relationships vs. just as a task.

It sounds like you want to get #PE done quickly and I think there is a huge opportunity to do PE well and to show people you care about who they are and not just what they do. Have a question?

Use #askdrcherry or email and get the answer.

Dr. Cherry

Dr. Cherry Collier Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from UGA. Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the ICF and a Master Certified Coach and Trainer of NLP (MCNLP), Certified Mediator and Denison Culture Certified Consultant. Author of Move Out of Your Own Way and a 100+ book series The Science and Art, a collection of best selling books on the science of human behavior and success being used as reference for leaders, executives, managers and coaches from a variety of industries and professions. Professor of Coaching for the last 6 years at a University. Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Business School of a University. Over 5,000 hours helping with clients and coaches get massive results. Over 15 years serving as a mentor coach. Published scholar and has mentored Ph.D. and MBA learners. Founding Member of Coachville. Certified in various assessments Disc, MBTI and more