How to Build Your Confidence While Facing an Interview

Confidence is a good thing, and it is necessary during an interview, but always  remember, don’t come off as a know-it-all kind of person.The basic idea is to appear humble yet confident. Body language tells a skilled interviewer everything about you.People trained in nonverbal behavior seek confident candidates open to teamwork.

Confidence is quiet and seen, whereas arrogance is loud and heard. We build confidence by trusting “self,” eliminating the need to prove to others. Pointing, tilting your chair back, over fast talking are all perceived as arrogant body language and should be avoided by potential employees, whereas sitting straight, smiling, and matching the interviewer’s nonverbal indicates positive body language and self-confidence without seeming supercilious.

For those who exert a little too much self-confidence and come off as a know-it-all person, I suggest you practice this SCAN technique.

SCAN Technique:
 Smile.
 Show curiosity: Ask a thought-provoking question with curiosity.
 Appreciate: Take every chance given to appreciate others, even in describing people with whom you worked. Minimize the “I” and focus more on “we” and then how “I” helped them do it.
 Nod: Nod your head in agreement often when the other person talks.

Always remember that body language is communication sent unconsciously. You should always focus on sending vibes that match your verbal language.
Not only body language, but also what you wear, is important when making a good first impression. Interviewees should come to the interview freshly showered and fully clothed in professional attire. Accessories should be limited and cologne or perfume is discouraged—the interviewer should see you, not smell you, first.


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Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., MCC, CNLPMC, RCC, CPCC
Chief Collaboration Officer, Master Certified Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist

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