Dr. Cherry A. Collier

The Importance of Tone in Leadership

Undoubtedly, being a leader gives you prestige, and that prestige puts you up in the social hierarchy. However, just as a common saying goes, “With... Read More

Love Goes Beyond Romantic Relationships

Many people think of February as a month of love. What if we expanded the general meaning of it to also include other acts of... Read More

Watch: Ingroup vs. Outgroup

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Watch: Halo Effect

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Watch: The First Time I Felt Different

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Learn from the Expert: Your Business will be on the Right Track

“Business Coaching is all about GROWTH. Business growth. Personal growth. Career growth. As the CEO of your firm, growth is your department”. These are the... Read More

Effective Communication: The Essence of Influential Leaders

Running a country is a lot like running a  cemetery; you’ve got a lot of people under  you and nobody’s listening. - Bill Clinton If... Read More