Ten Ideas (Emotional) that Will Improve Your Life

Modern life has made our lives more complex. In your relentless race against time to earn more, live better, and scale higher in your chosen field, unorganized and stressful life, tension, and other problems catch up with you, thus making it difficult to achieve the most important goal of your life—happiness. Some take a toll on your health and emotional welfare. What’s more, they affect your loved ones and those with whom you share proximity.

However, you can overcome this problem if you change how you look at life. Gradually, day by day, you can change your life. Happiness, peace, and timeless knowledge are the fruits of this exercise.

The ideas I will share with you are the gems that can help you achieve all the fruits of life, and all it takes is a few minutes every day and much practice.

Read this passage every day for a week—once in the morning, once during the day, and once aloud before you go to bed. At the end of the week, look back and reflect. You will discover little changes beginning to show. Change is beautiful. Begin now.


1. Keep Learning

Knowledge is the weapon. Brain, and not brawn, rules. To have knowledge is to empower yourself. You stop learning, and you disarm yourself. You invite enemies.

Learning is an informal process. The world is your classroom, and everything in it is your teacher.

The learning curve is a circle. From the moment you are born to the time you die, you learn. You are never too old to learn. You can teach an old dog some new tricks.

You learn by example. You learn from mistakes. You learn from the actions of others and their words. To close you to this kind of learning is to stop breathing. You cease to live.

Invite every stimulus with an open mind. Be a student in this great university of life.


2. Motivate Others

Sometimes, it’s just your presence. Sometimes, it’s just a few good words. Sometimes it’s just a look, being there when others want you most, being there to hold their hands, being there to tell them they are doing fine.You don’t have to be a great master to motivate others. It is in you.  


3. Live the Moment

Here and now is what matters. There’s no point in worrying about yesterday, because it’s gone, or tomorrow, because it is to come. What matters is now, this moment, today.Today is in flux. It moves under your feet. If you remain stationary, it passes you, untouched. Time and tide wait for no one. Enjoy today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.


4. Procrastination

Its better late than never? Never.  The time to do things is now. Don’t keep things for tomorrow.With delay comes lost opportunities and lack of focus.  Lethargy should be nipped in the bud, as you would an undesirable weed. Start to make a habit of doing things now.


5. Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs

The sky is the limit, and benchmarks are set to be broken, just as records in athletic events.

Limiting goals are for the weak and wary.  

Set targets bravely for yourself, not in inches, but in great leaps and bounds. If you don’t, you defeat yourself.


6. Self-Reward

When you excel in something, you are the first to know. You don’t have to wait for the applause or accolades from others to treat yourself. As a pattern, this is an excellent thing to do—rewarding yourself. Little things might make you happy—something you consider a treat, something you don’t indulge in every day.

This self-reward becomes the greatest self-incentive to achieve greater heights, to exceed benchmarks, and to break your records.

Go on; do that extra mile, and then treat yourself.


7. Conquer Fear

The meek don’t inherit the Earth; they just cower and die. Fear is something to defeat whenever it rears its ugly head.  Fear is that obstacle between you and your destination, you and your goal, you and achievement.  Give in to fear, and you accept defeat. You lose even before the match begins. If man had given in to fear, he wouldn’t have stepped on the Moon, traveled to the North Pole, or discovered America. 


8. Encourage Others

A word of encouragement, a little applause, a kind smile… Be a cheerleader to those who need encouragement. Watch them win a little more than expected, and you will be the first to rejoice and sleep well that night.  Encouraging others is a little give of give-and-take.

Give generously. Rejoice in others’ victories. Celebrate your part in it.


9. Think Positive

Always think positive; it helps to face situations with cheer and optimism rather than glum doggedness. Positive people radiate positive energy. They are great catalysts, great leaders, and great charmers. Everything they do or say is positive. This energy transmits well to motivate others to think differently. Start by telling yourself that all’s well and will end well. Never leave room for negative thoughts and unproductive thinking. Positive thinkers are the lifelines of any society. They drive the system. They derive intense satisfaction doing so.

Tell yourself that you will think positive even in the most negative situations.


10. Engage Your Mind

Being the owner of an idle mind is like being caught at a murder scene with a bloody knife in your hand. It is not just the devil’s workshop; it is also a hi-tech facility going to seed.  Your mind, like machinery, needs to be used continuously for it to be creative, productive, and ticking. Keep your mind engaged every waking moment.  Like regular exercise, this is vital to your emotional wellness. Train your mind to solve problems creatively, never letting it stop or drop a task unfinished.


Create a powerful day!

Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., MCC, CNLPMC, RCC, CPCC
Chief Collaboration Officer, Master Certified Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist

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Dr. Cherry

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