The Case for Time Management Coaching



Time management is the act of planning and controlling time that will be used for specific tasks with the purpose of increasing productivity efficiency and effectiveness.


You will easily be overwhelmed by your tasks daily if you have no proper time management. Telephone calls, emails, emergency meetings, an irate customer can distract you so much that you will be unable to finish anything. Time management is an important skill that you must possess in order to succeed in your life and career. You can either attend time management training or hire a business coach to help you learn the skill.


If you are a business owner it would be more advantageous for you to hire a business coach – not just for yourself but for your employees as well. If you will be able to master the time management skill and your employees will be left on their own to scurry about doing tasks that you wanted them to do on schedule – you may end up with incomplete reports done haphazardly. So make the most of your investment and have the business coach teach you and your employees effective time management.


Here are some ways time management coaching can help you:


How to manage time effectively


A business coach can guide you in classifying everything in order for you to focus on one task at a time to complete it correctly. This way, you will be more productive because you can finish tasks immediately rather than putting them away for later while you work on something else. A business coach can guide you in handling the following time-waters:

  • Tasks that can be delegated to your employees
  • Poor planning of strategies, financial management, marketing and others
  • Procrastination and indecision on tasks that must be worked on
  • Interruptions from unexpected visitors and telephone calls
  • Priorities, goals and objectives that are vague 
  • Unnecessary meetings due to emergencies
  • Communications that are not clearly understood
  • Crisis management due to incidents within the office
  • Stress and fatigue 
  • Disorganized personal maters and desk management

How to use time management techniques


A business coach can help you work smarter not harder. He can give you time-saving techniques which can make you work efficiently when incorporated into your daily routine. A business coach can also help you in ridding your bad habits that hinder your productivity. Some management activities that can help you are:

  1. Goal setting to define clear objectives for long term.
  2. Create plan to achieve your goals which will be monitored for progress and re-evaluated if necessary.
  3. Time analysis to eliminate unimportant things and work on important tasks efficiently and effectively. 
  4. Delegate work by learning to trust people, giving instructions and letting them work on it.
  5. Communicate effectively by having a secretary screen calls for you and answering calls within a limited time.

There are many things that a business coach can do for you. So be wise in hiring one when you have decided that you and your employees need time management coaching.


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Dr. Cherry Collier Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from UGA. Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the ICF and a Master Certified Coach and Trainer of NLP (MCNLP), Certified Mediator and Denison Culture Certified Consultant. Author of Move Out of Your Own Way and a 100+ book series The Science and Art, a collection of best selling books on the science of human behavior and success being used as reference for leaders, executives, managers and coaches from a variety of industries and professions. Professor of Coaching for the last 6 years at a University. Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Business School of a University. Over 5,000 hours helping with clients and coaches get massive results. Over 15 years serving as a mentor coach. Published scholar and has mentored Ph.D. and MBA learners. Founding Member of Coachville. Certified in various assessments Disc, MBTI and more