Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Barbara Smith, PCC, MEd

Barbara is an experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who coaches executives, and leaders and teams at all levels. She is dedicated to understanding leaders in context of their organizational culture and role to promote and sustain learning and development. Barbara works with leaders in scientific disciplines, engineering, public health, health care, natural resources, human capital, technology, operations, and many other business and functional areas. Her work in executive leadership development and high-potential programs results in readiness and advancement to higher-level positions. Her team coaching improves awareness, develops team skills, and improves performance. As an action learning team coach, Barbara works with teams to identify challenges, plan strategy, and take action that get the best results.

As Barbara client’s experience personal and professional growth and development, they gain greater self-awareness of physical, emotional and cognitive indicators, often associated with change, and new approaches to lead others. Her strong coaching experience, using both 360 and self-focused assessment tools, brings greater awareness to clients on their strengths and learning opportunities, enabling them to identify how they can become more effective, and plan and take purposeful actions that work. Her coaching approach supports clients working in organizational settings to align organizational, team, professional, and personal goals.

Coaching Approach

Barbara aims first to understand the organizational environment, climate, and work context in which executives work personalize her approach for each client. She gives clearly framed feedback; asks thoughtful, targeted questions in areas that encourage learning and growth; and is a patient listener and keen observer. She brings a practical, patient, and spirited approach to her coaching. She encourages self-discovery and action that accelerates learning, clarifies thinking, and increases genuine understanding in the contexts in which leaders live and work, and with people and relationships most important to their success and wellbeing. Barbara’s coaching has enabled leaders to set and implement strategic goals, manage change, increase engagement and inclusion, expand team collaboration, become more effective mentors and delegators, manage conflict, reduce personal and team stress, and increase health and wellness.

Barbara believes people have a natural desire to create an optimistic future, build on natural abilities and identify and practice behaviors leading toward goal achievement and greater possibilities. Her coaching focuses on how people can be at their best at work and in life. While grounded in theory and practical models, Barbara gets to the core of issues with ease, explores sustainable solutions, and encourages clients to develop their best strategy and action forward. She is highly committed to her clients’ success and supports them to seek clarity and new perspectives during periods of ambiguity and change. She enables clients to examine old assumptions and incorporate fresh, new approaches to maximize their agendas, challenges or goals. Her clients say her coaching style “strikes a perfect balance between practicality and experimentation, challenge and encouragement, and thoughtfulness and lightheartedness.”

Areas of Expertise

Industry & Sector Experience

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