Dr. Cherry A. Collier

This solution is a primer for the Program. It gives participants a solid foundation on the not only the concept and theory but also the practical application and real world examples of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is a recommended starting point for the Program.

The place of women in executive, management and leadership positions in organizations across the world makes this solution very applicable in the modern workplace. This is especially appropriate for companies with current or incoming women who will occupy key positions in the leadership.

Small or large, companies are populated with employees of varying ages. Generational gaps are commonplace but is rarely managed or even recognized. This solution is targeted for organizations who are challenged with this gap.

The heart of the Program, this solution makes full use of the body of knowledge that scientifically assesses, interprets and most importantly creates personality development plans for individual clients. Results of personality assessments serve as the launchpad for diversity planning.
Personality Matters, Inc. believes in multiplicity. Through this solution, selected employees within the organization are equipped with tools, competencies and skills that allow them to carry on and sustain the progress more independently, confidently and effectively.
Recent federal rulings have made gender issues more than sensitivities. This solution produces understanding, tolerance and most importantly empathy for employees who belong to the GBLT community.
This solution takes off from the continuum of cross cultural competence. It provides individuals and organizations to identify their current location in the continuum and move forward all the way to the most positive end. From the most negative state of cultural destructiveness to the ideal level of cross cultural competence, this training will guide the participants to the achievement of the best competency level.
This solution breaks the barriers to several business achievements. Stereotypes and bias reflect antipathy, negative and ambivalent, they are pervasive and most of the time unconsciously applied. These create a threat to the organization when strategies and decisions are unwittingly skewed. This solution addresses stereotype and bias through empathy, reorientation, blinding, imagery and other tools.
New ideas cannot be haphazardly introduced to an organization without a clearly defined process. With change cycles, a structure can be built or improved upon so that ideas are well received and participants are made receptive. This solution will recommend mechanisms that organizations can tweak to manage the cycle from introduction of the change all the way to its implementation and evaluation
Differences, when mismanaged, have the potential to cause clients. No organization can afford conflicts and this solution has objectives with specific deliverables of resolving not only the conflict but also its root cause. This solution will be best for organizations that are either seeking relief from current conflict or prevention from anticipated conflict.
Only 7% of communication is verbal, this means the rest of the messages are carried through non-verbal channels. This solution will put together the body of knowledge related to non-verbal communication, such as body language, proxemics, gestures, voice quality and other non-verbal cues.
An advanced solution that takes off from non-verbal communication, this solution will incorporate diversity as a vital consideration in communication. Cultural differences create communication differences and this solution will prepare employees in becoming aware, in accepting and most importantly in adjusting to this type of communication.
This solution will provide an overview of the many differences between cultures around the world. It will be customized to meet the exact cultural differences that exist within the organization and from there champion the importance of diversity.
Leaders chart and navigate the course of every organization. Their decisions must be based not only on financial or political but also on social considerations, including diversity. This solution will be for executives, who occupy key roles in deciding, influencing and championing diversity issues.
A pool of qualified and diverse people can be created through a process of pre onboarding. In this way, current and future diverse applicants can be selected using tools that can help pick the best people for the positions.
Dr. Cherry will create tailor made solutions that meet your specific needs. Solutions will be built from the ground up or from a chosen of combination of individual solutions. Your organization and workforce are unique and the solutions will match your desired set of interventions.