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Kevin Wayne Johnson

Kevin Wayne Johnson has taken up the task of developing individual and organizational operating excellence as his life’s mission. He coaches in order to coax audiences to live out their gifts and awaken their potential. Johnson provides organizations, and the people who work within them, with the tools to forge effective personal and interpersonal communication. He delivers training on the elements of dynamic relationships, to equip teams with the attitudes and attributes needed to develop individuals into leaders. He does so through motivating workshops, interactive seminars, insightful keynote speeches and compassionate coaching – all to encourage personal and professional growth within the federal government, corporations, non-profits and churches.

Johnson is the Founder, Chief Visionary and Chief Executive Officer of The Johnson Leadership Group, LLC, and an Independent certified coach, mentor, trainer and speaker with the nationally recognized John Maxwell Team, where he leads learning experiences that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience to help maximize efficiency, growth, awareness and effectiveness.

Johnson enjoyed a 34-year career (retired) in the federal government and private industry as a middle-to-senior level leader. He led workforce development/ training, organizational change, acquisition/procurement, customer service, client relationships, security, budget/finance, records management, property administration, facilities, information technology and human resources organizations. He was a key leader on the National PerformanceReviewforProcurementandCustomerServiceReform,underthefirstClinton Administration, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee on Procurement Reform, and wrote testimony that was presented before the District of Columbia Committee on Government Operations.

Johnson lives in Clarksville, Maryland with his wife of 27 years, Gail, and together, raised three sons – Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron.

Partial List of Past and Present Clientele:

U.S. Department of Transportation; Maryland Workforce Association; 2020 Workforce Development Conference; Maryland Department of Transportation/State Highway Association; Food and Drug Administration; Prince George’s Community College; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Rogue Media Group; Black Enterprise; CareMetx; City of Baltimore Department of Human Resources; Nexus Family Healing; Foundation Center; MarylandDepartmentofLabor;SableAssentCoinCorporation;MarylandDieteticsinHealth Care Communities.

Relevant Experience for the Federal Sector and Its Senior Level Executives:

  • Coached senior-level Baltimore City Health Department leaders on developing targeted leadership competencies, during the COVID-19pandemic.
  • Coached multiple and diverse 5-member groups, since 2016, in the creation and implementation of strategic, individual, ministry and life leadership development plans resulting in successful candidacy for credentialing by Church of God Ministries, Incorporated into senior-levelpositions.
  • Facilitatedleadershipdevelopmentandcoachingtrainingforover250ofthefederal government’s front-line, mid-level and senior-level leaders.

Assessments & Certifications:

  • Pathfinder360
  • MBTI
  • The John Maxwell Team Leadership Assessment
  • DiSC (trainer and consultant)

Areas of Expertise

ICF Coaching Credential

Additional ICF Recognized Credentials

Industry & Sector Experience