Habits of an Effective Coach: Habit 6- Synergize

Having a business nowadays proves a lot more benefits than just having a full time job. Some even give up their jobs for the goal of improving their businesses. But we can never be so sure of this gamble. This is what brings us to the business of coaching. People who are new to business, or having little knowledge or being seasoned in the business, in one way or another, will benefit from being coached for their businesses. From testimonies of businessmen and women, they mentioned that they have been in business for years, but they don’t really know what business is all about. They just continue to run it to sustain it.

The business industry is very dynamic which calls for proactive businessmen as well. That is why here comes forth the habits that businessmen should observe in order to survive the business world. Stephen Covey, an author, educator, and businessman who wrote the 7 Habits of Effective People, defined the habits that we can use in business coaching. The habit about Synergy very well needs a highlight.

From commentaries among businessmen, a very striking idea included that if I have a teacher when I was in school, or when I play sports, or when I study music, there must be a need for a mentor in business. And this is where business coaching follows. Inculcating Synergy in business coaching derives us to a more comprehensive mentoring. Synergy is a very beneficial process. Synergy being defined is being linked by Covey as creative cooperation. Much like in the anatomy and physiology of our body parts, synergy takes role in the implementation of various body functions. Back to our main idea, cooperation among leaders and subordinates is the essence of synergy. It is very important to coach every businessman this very concept.

Just to emphasize what Covey said in his book, synergy is a catalyst, a way of communication, and a solution. It is earlier said that synergy is creative cooperation. Through this in mind, teamwork is fostered. The stronger the teamwork of a team, the faster and accurate the job is  done. With someone looking at your side, you will have someone to critique you and be able to see your flaws. This goes for your colleagues as well. In teamwork, there is open communication. That is why these scenarios are really possible. Like what was mentioned ahead, Synergy develops open communication. Running a business involves so many people to look at. Through open communication, you can manage middle managers and staff with a chain of command. This way, the smaller issues are solved before they get to you. Having a synergistic relationship with all workers is really beneficial. Last but not the least, synergy offers solutions. It caters creative minds to work and not your ideas alone. At the same time, it fosters respect among comrades and will result in a good business and working environment.


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Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., MCC, CNLPMC, RCC, CPCC

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Dr. Cherry

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