Dr. Cherry A. Collier

What’s the Difference Between Executive Coaching and Therapy?

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The Most Important Person in Your Life Is You

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Live Positive and Stay Positive

Live Positive and Stay Positive Are we born with attitudes, or do we develop them as we grow? A negative outlook tends to make a... Read More

It’s All About Rapport

WHAT IS RAPPORT? Rapport, n. a harmonious or sympathetic relationship. Harmonious, adj. 1. Agreeing in feeling or action. 2. Blending well. Sympathetic, adj. 1. Feeling... Read More

How to Be Thankful for What You Have

A very popular saying goes, “To succeed in life and to be happy, we should always let attitude be our gratitude.” Be the change you... Read More

Ideas to Make Your Life Successful

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Self-motivation and Power of Commitment

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Your Ego Will Only Pull You Down

You should always remember “to respect people’s differences is to know and promote true peace.” Each person is unique, and people don’t care how much... Read More

We must be an equal opportunity offender of bad behavior! Call it out!

I see myself as someone that doesn't agree with what is popular I use my own mind to think and comment. I love learning and... Read More

5 Spiritual Ideas that Will Help You Improve Your Life

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