Ten Ideas (Physical) that Will Improve Your Life

Our life isn’t perfect, and thus, it’s our duty to make sure it always stays on the right path in the right direction so we enjoy every aspect of life and stay happy. Modern life has made our lives more complex. In your relentless race against time to earn more, live better, and scale higher in your chosen field, unorganized and stressful life, tension, and other problems catch up with you, thus making it difficult to achieve the most important goal of your life—happiness. Some take a toll on your health and emotional welfare. What’s more, they affect your loved ones and those with whom you share proximity.

However, you can overcome this problem if you change how you look at life. Gradually, day by day, you can change your life. Happiness, peace, and timeless knowledge are the fruits of this exercise.

The ideas I will share with you are the gems that can help you achieve all the fruits of life, and all it takes is a few minutes every day and much practice.

Read this passage every day for a week—once in the morning, once during the day, and once aloud before you go to bed. At the end of the week, look back and reflect. You will discover little changes beginning to show. Change is beautiful. Begin now.


1) Eat Healthy

If gluttony is a sin, so is a fancy diet because your body is not a computer. It is an old-fashioned work of anatomical brilliance that requires an old-fashioned diet.

Look at what you eat. You are what you eat. By all means, count your calories, watch your weight, and get physical exercise, but see that your body gets its fuel in the right measures, at the right times, every day.

For a healthy diet, cereals, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and vitamins with enough water and liquids to flush the system are necessary.

Eat a little of everything you love, and you can eat them forever. Eat happily, slowly. Eat intelligently.


2) Look Good; Feel Good

A beautiful person is someone not just physically beautiful, but also mentally beautiful.

When you look good, you ooze confidence, and you send signals that proclaim your mental state of happiness and openness. Only when you are confident of yourself, do you feel good.

In fact, internal and external good feelings reflect each other.

Always remember it’s about being well groomed, rather than expensive sartorial splendor.

Enjoy what you wear. Enjoy being well groomed and well turned out without being a slave to fashions and fads.

Embrace style. We all have our own. All you have to do is prune and nourish yours. Build it until you perfect it to where it makes a statement.


3) Relax

Your life is a long journey, and your body and mind need to take a break, cool, and relax frequently. To relax completely, you have to un-think or stop thinking about whatever you were doing. Play a game, take a walk, play with children or pets, read a book… anything that stimulates your body and mind, but in a way far removed from whatever you were doing. Learning to relax correctly can make any chore pleasant. Just R E L A X.


4) Manage Stress

Allowing stress to rule your life negates your existence. It accepts defeat. It allows your focus to be blurred. It is being distracted by the inconsequential. In one word, being in stress is being comatose. Today’s life presents you with many opportunities for stress to run riot and rule your life. Before it does, you have to rein it in. Nip it in the bud. Running away from confrontational or demanding situations is not the answer. Develop interests far removed from those situations. These always provide you solace during trying situations. These are the cool, dark corners to which you run and hide when stress hits the danger mark. What interests fancy you? Helping the old, collecting stamps, documenting architecture, or keeping fish? It could be anything that interests you to a level of passion. Don’t have one? No one’s without one. It’s only that yours is probably unnoticed or undernourished. Find an interest. Find a life.


5) Keep Moving

You have to keep moving with the times, mentally, not to be left out of the race.

  • To be counted.
  • To be ahead of the pack.
  • To breast the tape.

You have to think on your feet. Be proactive, rather than reactive. Make determined strides to blaze new trails, to go where no one else has.  Physically, if you don’t keep moving, you become a sitting duck to ill health. Circulatory diseases haunt the bodies of the sedentary.  Remember, a healthy body houses a healthy mind. Always keep a moving body and mind.


 6) Material Wealth

Accumulation of wealth is not a crime. Only the unfair means of doing so is sin. Don’t beg, borrow, or steal. Don’t cheat, embezzle, tamper with accounts, or overcharge for gain. You should avoid unfair practices while accumulating wealth.

The truth is that, at whatever level, you earn for what you do. The more you do, the more you earn. The better your business acumen, the more you profit. Like water, wealth finds its levels. There’s only one way to accumulate wealth—the good old-fashioned way—hard work and good thinking. When you amass wealth, give back to society. Spread your wealth to bring happiness to more people. That doesn’t mean throwing around cash, but plowed back funds to increase employment opportunities. The more you sow, the more you reap.


7) Money Compared with Success

How do you measure success—by your bank account or physical possessions?

Money is transitory. Success is something you will live with happily. The challenge is to find a common ground, a seamless fusion of both. Always remember it’s your happiness that counts. Being moneyed doesn’t ensure happiness or success. It’s then a little twist in focus. Aim at happiness. You can be very ambitious with this. Make money and success the stepping stones to happiness.


 8) Fight Greed

You must look beyond one goal. You must not be obsessive about one thing. Spread your goals. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  When you have more dreams to achieve, the less obsessive or greedy you are. The less greedy you are, the more focused and results-oriented you will be.

Greed is not good. Controlled ambition is. When some people say greed is good,you can be sure they mean ambition. Controlled ambition drives this world. It makes businesses flourish and industries thrive.


9) Build for Tomorrow

Whatever you do, however insignificant it might seem today, they are building blocks for a better tomorrow. Every generation builds on what earlier generations have. You do your bit, and then pass the baton.

Whatever you do today is knowledge and a better living to future generations.

Build on. Build well. Build for tomorrow.


10) Love Yourself

Before you set out to love others, love yourself, love your body. Pamper your body. Treat it as your most intimate other half, loving and cherishing it with all your heart. From this comes a heightened consciousness of yourself and your inner being.

Self-respect and self-esteem flow from this love, making you confident and courageous to take things in your stride in style.


Create a powerful day!

Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., MCC, CNLPMC, RCC, CPCC
Chief Collaboration Officer, Master Certified Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist

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Dr. Cherry

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