Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Jul 21

Promoting Inclusion in a Diverse Environment: Steps to Becoming a Culturally Competent Person

Inclusion, the practice of ensuring that people in organizations feel they belong regardless of gender, race, age, or social status, has become a buzzword in modern organizations. In fact, promoting inclusion is one of the most common things that organizations... Read More

Jul 05

High Maintenance vs. Knowing What You Want

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=/cherry.collier/posts/10155484633411972?_fb_noscript=1" />Independence isn't just for America, it is an important day for you to set goals, boundaries and assert your own independence. Fireworks for you! Lesson - Resourcefulness is a virtue. Summary - In a scene from... Read More

Jul 04

The Importance of Tone in Leadership

Undoubtedly, being a leader gives you prestige, and that prestige puts you up in the social hierarchy. However, just as a common saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Practicing good leadership is not only about exerting power. It... Read More

Jun 19

USING THE SIX THINKING HATS IN PROBLEM-SOLVING: An Effective Approach to Teamwork and Team Building

Problems are inevitable for any organization. And it is the goal of any team to find ways to get through them. In most cases, a problem could not be solved by only one person; that is why teamwork is required... Read More

Jan 13

#askdrcherry on Overcoming Procrastination

Happy day #ConfessedProcrastinator-First off, do not be hard on yourself. We all procrastinate from time to time. It happens when we avoid tasks that we find unpleasant. This is the key to overcome procrastination, you do away with the unpleasantness.... Read More

Dec 14

#askdrcherry on Work-Life Balance

Happy day #IAmaWorkaholic-I applaud you in seeking information to help yourself. I know the risks involved in decreased productivity especially in your environment. Doing overtime work does increase productivity but this is a surge that only lasts for a few days... Read More

Dec 09

The Difference Between a Coach and a Problem Solver

There is a big difference between being a coach and becoming a problem solver, though the two terms seem to be interchangeable. You are either a coach or a problem solver, and these two roles in life lead to two... Read More

Nov 25

How To Adopt A Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach Through ‘Yes, And’ Thinking

After more than 24 years of coaching, I’ve noticed that teams and organizations still use traditional problem-solving techniques despite these being either obsolete or ineffective. For example, individuals still attempt to focus and dissect problems on their own with the... Read More

Nov 18

#askdrcherry on Aggressiveness vs. Assertiveness

Happy day #SoCalledAggressive-Knowing the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness can often save you from a lot of conflict, can improve your personal and professional relationships and can increase your performance and productivity. Here are some major difference between the two:... Read More

Nov 09

#askdrcherry on Achieving Your Goals

Happy day #Goalkeeper-Goals are powerful ideas to have but so much of the guiding power of goals become weakened when they are not used to their fullest potential. It seems like you have a lot of big goals happening at... Read More