Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Oct 26

#askdrcherry on Company Branding

Happy day #CompanywithnoBrand-Developing your brand is a worthwhile endeavor that will give you ROIs in terms of talent acquisition, retention and performance. Here are some tips that can help you develop your brand:   1. Understand your employees’ motivators and... Read More

Oct 20

You are #perfect

You are #perfect as you are. You might not be flawless, but you are perfect. You are your #greatest resource. All you need to do #today, now, is realize that.   –MOVE Out of Your Own Way by Dr. CherryRead More

May 06

How To Coach The Uncoachable

Working with individuals of different personalities, ideas and interests is one of the most challenging parts of being in business. As a coach, you will encounter a variety of personalities with characters ranging from manageable to just plain shrewd. This... Read More

Apr 06

#askdrcherry: From #RecoveredJobHunter – How do I address my job gap related to illness on both my job search & resume?

Happy day #RecoveredJobHunter - Discuss the #skills you gained starting from the time you got disabled. Most people see #recruiters as machines, thinking that they make automatic judgments. They are human beings that share our #collective #experience and who can... Read More

Mar 30

How Does Executive Coaching Really Work?

As a business and executive coach, I see many businesses teeter on the edge of great success and mediocrity due to issues with management. If you have ever seen an episode of Spike’s “Bar Rescue” or Food Network’s ”Restaurant Impossible,” you may have noticed... Read More

Mar 17

From #PerformanceAssessor – Help! I need to refine our mid-year PE, how can I cover all bases to maximize the activity?

Happy day #PerformanceAssessor- I think Ziglar said it best, "People don't care how much you know until they #know how much you #care." What if you placed your focus on being fully present and connecting with the employee? See the activity as an opportunity... Read More

Mar 10

#askdrcherry: From #strategicplanner – I am prepping for a planning workshop, please suggest the top 3 questions I need to ask.

Happy day #strategicplanner! Here are some ideas for you: 1. How do we meet #client #expectations? 2. What does the #team need to deliver? 3. Which #performance #gap can be bridged by an #external #SME? Have a great workshop! Have... Read More

Mar 07

Coaching for Leadership Development

Organizations like Philips Electronics NA, Estee Lauder Cos., and more have already seen the benefits of coaching for leadership development efforts to their employees’ personal and professional growth. This is the reason why many companies are now investing in providing... Read More

Mar 02

Guide to Increasing Coaching Productivity

Guide to Increasing Coaching productivity Being a business coach is a challenging job. With the high expectations coming from clients, surely it can be overwhelming. As a business grows and thrives, it becomes difficult for business owners to manage all... Read More

Mar 01

#askdrcherry: How to foster culture of accountability?

Happy day ‪#‎HROfficer‬, Keep yourself and your team ‪#‎accountable‬ by declaring goals publicly, there's no turning back once intentions are ‪#‎visible‬for all to see. You can do it! Have a question? Use ‪#‎askdrcherry‬ or email askdrcherry@gmail.com and get the answer.Read More